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The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ How to Filet a Whole Chicken Breast

KTT Peeling Ginger (2)On Tuesdays, one of my favorite grocery stores has whole, boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale. I like to plan chicken meals around this day so that I can get the fresh chicken for a bargain. Since I shared the two sun dried tomato pesto chicken recipes last week, I wanted to show you how easy it is to fillet whole chicken breasts. Filleting chicken breast makes for more even cooking and keeps you from having to cut the chicken into portions once it is cooked so that you do not have to worry about loosing the juiciness of the chicken. Here’s how you cut the fillets:

  1. Lay the chicken breast onto the cutting surface. The side where the skin was formerly should be facing down. IMG_4182-1
  2. Cut the breast in half.IMG_4183-1
  3. Make sure that the thicker end of the meat faces the knife hand. Flatten the meat with the other hand. Begin cutting horizontally through the midsection of the chicken breast half. Take caution while cutting, to avoid the hand that is holding the chicken meat down, to prevent injuring your fingers. IMG_4184-1Steady the knife to cut the fillets evenly and to the same thickness. Check your cutting progress at the halfway point to make sure that you are not cutting too high or too low.
  4. Once you trim the fat, you have 4 chicken fillets ready to use in your recipe.IMG_4186-1

I hope this helps you make your chicken go a little farther in your kitchen and perhaps saves you a dollar or two at the store.


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