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The 1st Meatless Monday of 2015

TheMountainKitchenLogo8MMAlthough I am busy working on the new website, I couldn’t let the first Meatless Monday of 2015 go unnoticed. David and I have been going Meatless on Monday for two years now. That’s 104 days a year that we didn’t eat meat. At first, we started doing it as a challenge for me to be more creative with meal ideas during the week. But then it became more than that.

In September of 2013, The Mountain Kitchen was invited to become an official Meatless Monday “Blogger on Board” and joined the growing ranks of bloggers spreading the word about the healthy Meatless Monday Movement. I was excited at the opportunity, but really needed to study up on what Meatless Monday really was all about. After better familiarizing myself with the movement, I was even more excited to become a “Blogger on Board”. Here’s why:

The Meatless Monday Mission

  • Meatless Monday aims to reduce meat consumption by 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet.

Meatless Monday Company Overview

  • Meatless Monday offers the information and recipes you need to start each week with healthy, environmentally friendly, meat-free alternatives.
  • By reviving the American tradition of Meatless Mondays, they are helping to improve our health as a nation and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Meatless Monday is a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns, in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

So not only was I getting the challenge to get out of the rut of the same old meals every week, but I was also doing something that would be healthy for David and me, while helping the planet.

That’s our Meatless Monday Story. Why not start your Meatless Mondays today?!?


For my Meatless Monday recipes, click HERE

For more information about going Meatless go to

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