Our Story ~ What Staycation Really Means

1044215_10201364993266644_1532294156_nI invite you to read our story. In this collection of blog postings, you will find out how The Mountain Kitchen came to be. Five years ago, David and I took a leap of faith to make our dream of living in the mountains we love come true. We have truly been blessed. I want to share our story with you and give you proof that through, faith, love, and determination dreams really do come true.  You just have to BELIEVE!

Our story begins here: What Staycation Really Means: Part I

(Click the link above. It will connect you to Part I of the story. Clicking the links at the end of each part of the story will take you to the next part. Please note this story is a work in progress, so I invite you back for each new part.)



17 thoughts on “Our Story ~ What Staycation Really Means

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  4. Kelly Hicks Whitehurst

    What a great photo of you two, taking a stroll on the grounds of Dreamland…..SIGH……

    • debbeedoodles

      I have this printed as a dyesub and it hangs on our wall under the Home Sweet MOUNTAIN Home letting 🙂

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  15. How great a place to live and cook! I love the mountains a lot as well and I can thus imagine how much it is life-changing to decide for a staycation – great word, by the way. All the best to you and your blog!

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