Meet David


I met David 15 years ago in a small town printing company. Long story short, do you believe in love at first sight? The day I met him my life began.

David loves to grill just about anything, but he really loves to grill pork. He’s not a seasonal griller; he’s an all year griller. He’s kind of like the mail man, No matter if it rains or snows, he must grill!



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  12. Ingrid Eure Schulz

    The Mountain Home and view is absolutely beautiful. I plan on trying a couple of your recipes this weekend. Also, I must say cuz you are looking pretty good as well. I’m proud of you. Happy mountain living.

    • Thank you. We love it here. Please try some of her recipes. Debbie is an amazing cook. If you ever want to come over, come on! Would love to see you! – David

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