Get Your Roll On!!


Last year we did this in our jammies, but this year we decided to gussy up a bit and capture our annual pumpkin roll on camera to share with you. Watch and see who wins…

We had to rescue the pumpkins from the Thanksgiving snow, so they would not rot before we could roll them. I really did make a pumpkin pie from scratch before rolling our pumpkins down the hill. Recipe to come. Stay tuned…


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27 thoughts on “Get Your Roll On!!

  1. CindyBB

    Hilarious! You guys look so cute! HRH won, I am sure he watched from atop his throne!

  2. Very, very funny. Cats always win!

  3. That was so much fun, I felt like I was right there with you! I love your blog so much & how down to Earth you are. Congrats to HRH!

  4. Unfortunately Debbie it did not roll for me? ? ? The video? ? ? Can you sent to my email? ? ? Cheryl

  5. Ok that worked good! Love it can you send some more down the mountainside for me???? HeHe Cheryl

  6. Hahaha thats pretty cool! Don’t mess with the king!

  7. I enjoyed the video. His royal highness won fair and square. I wish he was there. Maybe I should claim his price!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Oh that was too too funny. Although David did bowl it a bit like a girl. . . but don’t tell him I said so! I mean, just because he thought he’d pull his back out trying to lift it. Hello! Getting injured is half the fun (no, not really).


  9. You guys have the perfect hill for pumpkin rolling!! Thanks for sharing!
    What did His Royal Highness win for coming in first?

  10. Hahahaha that was fun!

  11. This is too cute! Definitely not a pumpkin girl, so I love seeing them rolled down a hill, haha.

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