The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Parchment Paper BE STILL!!!!

Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Pinning Parchment | The Mountain KitchenThe holiday season is here and lots of you will be baking yummy goodness in your kitchens. I for one am not much of a participate in the baking department, for obvious reasons. Baking takes precision and quite frankly, I’m too lazy to spend too much time being precise. I dabble in baking here and there, but I’m more of a cook of savory foods. That is probably a good thing since every tooth in David’s head is a sweet tooth.

I have had several recipes lately in which parchment paper is needed to make removal from the pan or clean up easier. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I cannot get my parchment paper to stay on a pan like it should. It is especially problematic when you are close to the end of a roll. It curls and rolls right up out of the pan. Even rolling it up in the opposite direction from its natural curl doesn’t help. It will not be still!! SO FRUSTRATING!

Guess what? Last week I came across a tip that solves this problem. Keyword: CLOTHESPINS

To keep your parchment paper in place, use clothes pins to help secure it until whatever you are baking is on top of the parchment paper. The weight of the food will help hold it in place. Simply remove the clothes pins before placing the pan in the oven. Problem solved and no more fighting to keep it in place. Now, how come I didn’t come up with that idea?!?Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Pinning Parchment | The Mountain Kitchen

I made a whole batch of chocolate cookie dough for David’s birthday. I rolled it up in wax paper and placed it into the freezer. He is now able to bake small batches at a time for that warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookie on demand (until he runs out of course). Last week when he made a batch of those cookies, I decided to try out this new discovery about the clothes pins and parchment paper. I wanted to test the method to see if it actually worked as good as it sounded before sharing it with you. Guess what? It worked like a charm!!Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Pinning Parchment | The Mountain KitchenI hope this keeps you from fighting with parchment paper this holiday baking season. Who knows, now that I don’t have to fight the parchment paper, maybe I’ll bake more…

Do you have other solutions? Let us know:


P.S. Clothespins make great chip clips. Best of all they are cheap! You can purchase dozens and spend very little money.Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Pinning Parchment | The Mountain Kitchen

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6 thoughts on “The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Parchment Paper BE STILL!!!!

  1. Genius idea!

  2. Hey Debbie, yes love clothespins-you’ll be amazed at what they can do to help frustrating moments…Got a few hours I can share some funny stories using clothespins!!! Cheryl HeHe

  3. Love the solution to the curly paper problem. You can also scrunch up parchment paper (thanks Jamie) before placing on top of pastry to blind bake, this helps it to fit the pan better.
    And on a completely different note I’ve replaced all my plastic clothes pins with wooden ones as they last much longer under the harsh Australian sun.
    Happy Thanksgiving from downunder.

    • Thanks, Anna! Will definitely true scrunching next time to see how I like that technique. Nothing beats good wooden clothes pins! I miss my clothes line!!

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